Crew, Trainer & Performer Expressions of Interest
Welcome! Thanks for your interest in joining Team MCF17.

This form is for you if you wish to assist with pre-production, core crew roles, teach a workshop during the Training Program or perform at the Festival.

A separate call for volunteers for the 3-day Festival will be released closer to the date.

If you'd like to contribute your skills to our community festival, run on the goodwill and spirit of volunteerism, in exchange for an incredible experience and opportunities to develop your art, build professional networks and feed your soul, please tell us a bit about you!
let's begin
Mullum Circus Festival is a community celebration made possible by the support, dedication and passion of our circus family.

This year the Training Program is 25 - 28 September, followed by the Festival 29, 30 Sept & 1 Oct.

We appreciate that we may already know you well and love all you do.

Thanks in advance for completing this form. Having all of your info in one place is super helpful.

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Please also list the individual names of the members of your company. We'll assume that the info given below applies to all members of your group.
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Have you been to a National Circus Festival before?

e.g. Mullum Circus Festival, Tassie Circus Festival, Western Australian Circus Festival.
It helps us to know whether this is your first community circus festival experience or if you're an old hand at the great circus love-in.
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Please tell us about your good self.

A short bio is awesome, some sentences about your tricks & talents is great, or a haiku is always entertaining.
(Please answer as relevant) Specify your production role, what you teach and/or tell us about your act, company or idea for the Festival.

If you are writing on behalf of a company, please specify if any members of your group have different role preferences and a little about them. Alternatively, get them to fill out a separate form. (Don't worry, they don't need to fill in all the company details again, just make a note to us in the comments section below.)
What experience do you have in your field(s) of interest?

You may like to list recent work, proud moments or simply name some folk who can vouch for your expertise. We love personal references.
Please provide a link to your website or a relevant online profile (if you have one)

If you are applying to be a trainer to teach at the Training Program, please upload a clear headshot of yourself here.

If you are applying to perform at the Festival, please upload a clear promo image of your act or company here.

If you've applied to perform and have tech specs of your show/act, please upload them here.

If your choice of role is not available, are there other roles/ areas you would be interested in?

e.g. We receive interest from 20 people who also want to teach fish-bowl head balancing, would you be interested in prepping delicious food in the cafe instead?

Maybe there are jobs you have a secret passion for, or want to learn more about?
Where will you be travelling from to attend the Festival? *

Would you like to add anything else?

Thank you for your time! 
Mullum Circus Festival rocks because of people like you. 

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Applications close 30 April, 2017.

Notifications will be sent out by mid-May.